Local Sourcing

We build our menus around what’s in season and available from our local farmers. As cooks, this practice gives us joy and purpose, while ensuring our clients always eat vibrant, peak-season food that expresses the spirit of our region.

We are proud that 70% of our food budget goes straight to our skilled and passionate friends in the good food ecosystem.


Low Impact

We compost all of our kitchen waste with CompostNOW and also provide zero waste events for clients.

Ask us about setting up composting for your event!


Pro Worker

We want to create an enterprise that yields meaningful work and a high quality of life for all people involved in its operation. As we grow, we strive to implement higher-than-market wages, profit sharing, cross-discipline skills training, and democratic input on working conditions and company management.

Community Focused

We live in a flawed world that needs improving. We think food serves a purpose in this process, so we happily work with organizations, individuals and movements that fight to improve people’s lives.

Does your organization have a need for delicious food, chef skills, or an auction item?

Farmers we work with:

Does our approach resonate with you?