oysters always shucked to order, served with lemon, mignonette or hot sauce ; we love great gulf oysters but happily serve mid-atlantic, new england, canadian and west coast legends!

classic shrimp cocktail our signature version; the best you’ll have, straight from the georgia coast!

sashimi/crudo/ceviche a great way to experience the pure character and taste of fresh fish. We love pompano, snapper, jack, tilefish, flounder, yellowfin tuna and mackerel, and design seasonal, balanced dishes that will convert even the most squeamish eaters to the raw way.


Lots of terrific options to choose from between the batter (tempura, buttermilk, panko, beer, cornmeal), the sauce (cocktail, pepper vinegar, aioli, tartar, remoulade, salsa verde, homemade ranch, soy ginger) or the subject matter (grouper, trout, oyster, shrimp, catfish, whiting, pickles). Everyone goes nuts for scrumptious, crispy, flaky, juicy, fried seafood.


crab cakes, shrimp dips, smoked fish salads, squid ink crackers, pickles, veggies, toast and other cooked and raw seafood options, arranged in the decorative and tasteful style of our grazing boards, ready to please the eye and palate alike!